Can Men and Women be Friends?

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If you are a woman and have a friend who is male, it’s likely that he would have sex with you if given the chance. But if you are man and have a friend who is female, know that she would likely say no to going to bed with you.

It makes sense that men see all women as potential partners first, and potential friends second. Biologically, men are wired to seek out to be with as many women as they can. But women, on the other hand, have always been the picky ones; they must select the best male out of all available to be with them (i.e., to protect them, care for them, and carry their child).

For women, if a man does not surpass her threshold of standards (e.g., appearance, character, style) he is immediately demoted to the “friend” category, one where he is likely to never escape from. If he surpasses it however, he enters the “date” category, where he must compete with other men for her.

For men, even when rejection occurs (explicitly by being told no, or implicitly by seeing there is no chemistry), the possibility of sex always remains in the air. While the man may remain “friends” with the woman, he will generally be willing to have sex if the opportunity ever arises.

No friendship?

As the video above shows, even among ‘friends’ who have known each other for years, men would jump at the opportunity to have sex. Women however, would not. This means that women can form casual friendships- which never go beyond that – with men they see as unworthy of getting in bed with. Men however form friendships that are forever capable of evolving into more.

In short, men can’t form real friendships with women because they will always crave more. Women can’t form real friendships with men because they will always see them as inferior. Surely counterexamples exist, and good friendships without ulterior motives have been made in the past. But for many, friendship is a white lie they tell each other.

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