The OnlyFans Problem: The Exploitation of Lonely Men

Women sought to exploit men out of their money, as is their nature. Many of these women got a reality check when a celebrity came in, and ruined it for them.

Something that is seldom spoken about is the exploitation of lonely men by women online looking to make money. Some women have realized that they can make money by selling pictures of their bodies online, and they capitalized off that. The rise of OnlyFans highlights this problem.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. It is nothing new.

However, the internet changed prostitution forever with the Adult industry and internet pornography. Everyone has access to porn just within a single search. You could Google whatever fetish you were into and get millions of results.

“I google big boob and get 2 billion results.”

The internet quickly evolved, and the Adult industry grew with it, made even more comfortable with porn tube sites. Sites like ManyVids, where people can sell their own porn videos, have existed for years but have had a limited audience until recently.

A Simple Start

OnlyFans, founded in 2016, was initially created to be just like Patreon. A person could subscribe to a content creator for a set amount of money and get access to their videos and pictures. This is not the reason why OnlyFans has grown up so quickly, though.

They really do think that sex work is “hard work”

Do you remember “ThotAudit” on Twitter? Before e-whores used OnlyFans, they used Twitter and listed their payment methods for people to send them money in exchange for explicit pictures or video. Their Paypal emails and Cash App handles were often listed on their Twitter accounts. Many payment processors didn’t allow their services to be used to sell Adult content, and many people, including myself, reported these women for violating these payment processors Terms of Service.

This article shows that Paypal and many other payment processors will not support the sale of adult content.

The Rise Of OnlyFans

This is where OnlyFans comes in. Many payment processors don’t allow the selling of Adult content, but OnlyFans allowed it. OnlyFans allows anyone to sign up and sell their pictures, explicit or not. Sex workers took this opportunity to create OnlyFans accounts to streamline the process of selling their nude photos and videos online.

The login to Tutorial Island mode.

In a society that many men struggle to get dates and the bar to obtaining intimacy are high due to women’s unreasonably high standards, OnlyFans and other similar services only add fuel to the fire. As these women thrive on men’s failures, they routinely mock the very people that give them money. They don’t care about their customers; They only cared about the money.

When incels call this out, we get mocked, ridiculed, and shamed for it. The current culture doesn’t allow criticism of “Sex Workers” or women in general, but there is lots of valid criticism to go around on both subjects.

Bella Thorne: OnlyFans destroyer

Around the end of August, Bella Throne made an OnlyFans account and made 1 million dollars in 1 day. She charged $20 per subscription. She followed this up by making 2 million dollars in a single week.

The controversy began when she sold a (not) nude PPV photo for $200 a pop. She insinuated that it would be a fully nude photo and the simps bought into it. A tweet was made by Bella Throne on August 26th confirms that she never sent any nude photos:

Once the simps realized that they have been allegedly baited and switched, they started charging back en masse. These chargebacks must have caused problems for OnlyFans, which never publicly acknowledged that they changed their policies because of Bella’s stunt. Their new guidelines are as follows:

  • PPV messages are capped at $50 and tips at $100
  • Many creators have to wait a month to withdraw their funds

Despite not sending out any nude photos, she made over 2 million dollars. Many of the photos on her OnlyFans are just reposts of Instagram photos, too. She didn’t lift a finger and she made millions of dollars for being a celebrity woman on OnlyFans. She also ruined OnlyFans for many other women, which is also pretty based in my book.

Between the angry simps that didn’t get any nudes for $200 and the OnlyFans women crying about how Bella ruined OnlyFans, most of us are pretty happy with the result. If her goal was to ruin it for every woman that sought to exploit men on OnlyFans, then she succeeded.

In Closing

Women sought to exploit men out of their money, as is their nature. Many of these women got a reality check when a celebrity came in, and ruined it for them. You should feel no sympathy for these women because they only see most of us as walking dollar signs, not people. They openly have disdain for their customers and many of them don’t believe it or refuse to.

My message to the simps out there: They don’t care about you. Stop giving them your money and your attention because they thrive on it.

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