The Irrational Hate Towards Incels

Many of our enemies hate us to an extreme degree, but why?

This is the question that I ask every time I have nasty words thrown my way on Twitter. They accuse me of being vile and hateful, but I don’t really say mean things. I am but only representing a forum, and I am only one person. To them, I am every ugly person they have ever met, and they treat me as such.

They accuse us of being the worst human beings on earth. They regularly lecture and tell us that it’s our personalities and not the way that we look. We bring up countless studies ranging from the biological to the behavioral, but they continuously deflect and discount those studies and provide news articles as proof. When you point out that women found 80% of men unattractive, they ignore it or deflect. Countless studies prove that physical attraction matters above all else, but they find a way to refute this.

So why the irrational hate?

My first theory is that it’s ideological.

The support of feminism is standard in those that hate us, although the feminist women are the vilest and most toxic. Leftist politics in America very much align with the goals of feminism, and you’ll see much overlap between leftists, feminists, and those that support socialism, for example. They very much believe that we’re the “privileged” gender and that our problems don’t matter because we’re “privileged” men, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

They only care about “sexism” towards women.

Some feminists will disagree with everything that we say, even if it’s objectively true just because you’re an incel. No amount of proof or studies will convince them of anything because they’ve been brainwashed into believing in their worldview and can’t see the world in any other way.

My second theory is that we’re right about many of the issues facing men today.

We are right about many things, such as physical attributes being most important in initial attraction, and we cite the studies whenever we make these claims. Incels being right destroys their worldview because they have always been taught that personality is the most important thing that attracts a woman.

We know this to not be true.

This article from Psychology Today proves this wrong. When women were given the choice between unattractive men with “good” personality traits that women desire and their attractive counterparts, the women chose the attractive men even when assured that the unattractive men had the traits the women were looking for. The study concluded that most women may not even realize what they find attractive in a partner which is a conclusion that many of us have reached a long time ago.

Even with the science behind us, they choose to ignore it and direct ad-hominem attacks against us instead. Call us names, or tell us to “have sex, incel,” They instead decide to cherry-pick threads from incel boards to demonstrate that all incels are bad people or that all incels hold one opinion, but their arguments fall flat when they are told that not all incels hold the same beliefs.

When their arguments fail, they resort to silencing and shaming us.

Mass reporting, de-platforming, and abuse complaints are the tactics that they resort to when they lose the argument. When they can’t silence you, they will try to smear and misrepresent in the worst way possible so they can convince other people to hate you. They call us domestic terrorists for the actions of a few crazy people. They want to silence all of us because of the actions of 2-3 people.

Their irrational hate of us is ultimately our strength. The best arguments are made from reason and evidence and not from emotion.